A sad story – Händkakk, Uraali kakk, Strix uralensis, Ural Owl

I have a wish to get to know owls a bit better. So I took in mine mind to find at least one owls nest this year. It took a while and a lot of effort, but with help of one wild boar I succeeded, I found an Ural Owl nest. In one night I was just about 40-50 meters from the nest, when wild boar roared on me, after what Ural Owl male started to call and to which female from the nest called back and I heard it. So it was a lucky moment for me.

Alas mine luck was`nt for long. First worries game up when on one visit I saw an egg hanging on the edge of old woodpeckers hole. Also a raven couple, nesting a block away, came to visit owl nest pretty often.

Now, just few days ago I visited a nest again to check are the young ones allready in the nest. But after waiting couple of hours in mine hide I couldnt see neither hear the owls. Previously female left the nest for feeding maximum for 10 minutes or so. In some reason this male did not come to the nest to feed a female, female had to fly to him for that. So I decided to go to check a little closer. Closing the nestrtee I found three eggs laying on the ground. Sad …